Sitesnap Website Thumbnail Generator

Submitted by Olivier Jacquet on Tue, 2008-09-30 - 17:07

A little while ago I helped on a drupal project that wanted website thumbnails on their "links" page. For this they used the websnapr module but instead of showing bubbles they showed a nice thumbnail next to the link. Often when using someone else's technology I wonder how difficult it would be to do it myself and in this case, with the open source gecko and webkit engines it shouldn't be too difficult.

After some research I found a thumbnailer example in the Qt documentation. Since I have some PyQt experience I gave it a go. I released the result on as sitesnap. Currently it's only tested on Windows as the QtWebkit package is not yet available on Ubuntu and Debian. With the release of (K)Ubuntu 8.10 in a little while it should be available in the standard repositories and I will test it on that platform at that time.

The following images were generated with sitesnap: